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French Corral History:  CNRC, a California Corporation was formed to identify,
develop, and commercialize natural resources.  This includes minerals, forestry products,
and renewable energy sources.  Currently CNRC is developing the French Corral, California
placer gold mine.  An historically recognized mine, (
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CNRC intends to resume operations at French Corral in the Summer of 201
2 using methods
that are vastly more environmentally friendly than hydraulic sluicing.  (See photo below)

Gold Reserves:  The French Corral mine, a 400 acre property, with a 3.5 acre lake
(Manzanita Pond) has very substantial gold reserves.  The indicated values derived from past
operations, drilling, and bulk sampling correspond consistently with historic evaluations.

Recovery Method:  The gold is recovered by processing the host gravels in a washing
plant.  The material is fed through a water-laden scrubbing device and then screened through
a barrel-like trommel.  This undersized material is then delivered to a centrifuge.  The gold is
recovered primarily by a means of physical separation, relying on its considerable weight
relative to the sand in which it has been deposited millions of years ago.  Gold's
considerable weight (the specific gravity of 19.32) allows it to be readily recovered from a
slurry.  CNRC is developing improved recovery methods to capture the finest particles of
gold which evaded the hydraulic sluicers, and most dredging operations.

Rocks and Boulders:  The French Corral property also has more than 100,000 tons of
useful and decorative rocks and boulders of different colors and hardness.  These have been
recovered and set aside more than a century ago by the hydraulic sluicers.  They are also
available for sale.

Other Gold Properties and Company Plans:  Company plans include acquisition of
other California gold mining properties, harvesting of forest products, and development of
renewable energy projects both domestic and foreign.

Environmental Integrity-Green Gold:  The French Corral property will be mined and
operated with the highest regard for the integrity of the environment.  The company plans to
achieve recognition as a producer of "green gold."  "Green gold" is increasingly being
identified as a natural resource recovered, processed, and distributed without use of any
chemicals or methods detrimental to our fragile ecosystem and environment.

French Corral Jewelry:  Additionally the company intends to design, market, and sell a
line of gold jewelry using  French Corral gold as a base.  Previously discovered nuggets give
encouragement for the development of jewelry designs displaying gold in its natural state.
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French Corral - Hydraulic sluicing in 1909 at French Corral, then known
as the Esperance Mine.  Hundreds of millions of tons here and nearby
were blasted and washed away by giant monitors (fire hose-like devices).  
The gold was recovered in sluice boxes which are visible at the left hand
corner of the photo.  The exposed unwashed bank of gold bearing gravel at
the upper portion of the photograph remains and is visible in a photo taken
of this area in 2010 pictured in the
Photographs section of this website.