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French Corral - view southwest showing previous miners tailings.  Tests indicate
these tailings have profitable values at $1
700 gold.  
French Corral - old timers say "no rocks, no gold."  This boulder from bedrock
located some
60 ft. above bedrock knows secrets of the gold deposition at French
French Corral - Pat Browning of North San Juan, CA conducting pit sampling of
previous miners' workings.
French Corral - Pit sampling of previous miners' black sand concentrate.  An
assay of this material indicates there is nearly one half ounce of gold in each ton
of material (approx. 0.5 cubic yards).  At the current gold price of approx. $1
each ton of these concentrates can be expected to yield
more than $800.  Black
sand concentrates are composed of free gold as well as "locked-in" gold which is
attached or part of black sand particles.  Black sand is primarily iron magnetite
and iron hematite and weighs a little more than 1/3 the weight of gold.
French Corral - Previously washed gravel from pit sampling containing
sufficient gold to garner a profit.
California Natural Resources Corporation
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