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California Natural Resources Corporation
California Natural Resources Corporation has a
diverse team of experienced knowledgeable professionals
dedicated to balanced use of the Earth's wealth.  Initial
activity of The Company will concentrate on placer gold
mining.  Currently, The Company is exploring renewable
energy development projects as well.  

The Company's mission honors the search for a better
tomorrow so well described by those adventurous souls who,
journeying to California, left everything back home in the
1800s for the glory of discovery and a determination to give life its fullest meaning.  We
recognize and honor the resolve of a gold prospector's poetry.

Peter Voiss, a citizen of Antwerp, Belgium, sailed steerage class to America in 1893 and
headed across the continent for the promise of California.  In one of his journals he wrote,

 "You see me trudging to some secret holes, that yawn from out
           a rocky ledge I know.  Close followed by my burros - faithful
           souls.  Pick and pan clanking as we go."

Knowing there are modern methods of mining which can enhance the environment,
California Natural Resources Corporation's (CNRC) careful surface processing of alluvial
gold-bearing gravels and prudent reclamation greatly improve the topography and the
Earth's materials above bedrock which were disastrously torn up by hydraulic sluicing in
the late 1800s and early 1900s before early environmentalists put a stop to this gross
method of mining.   

CNRC in close cooperation with the Nevada County Planning Department, the State of
California Department of Conservation, and the US Bureau of Mines, will develop mining
practices that balance prudent Earth handling with sound environmental considerations.
Discovering the                    Earth's Wealth